I believe art can be a gateway to meditation and can help free the creative and spiritual side of one who looks at it long enough.  By combining minimalism, op, and contemporary techniques, I seek to engage the imagination of the viewers not only to see my vision, but to create their own. - J.A Naughton

The Artist: James  A. Naughton 

Artist and Writer, J.A. Naughton, was born in Springfield, Illinois, attended St. James and Eisenhower schools in Decatur, Illinois, then   graduated from Knox College with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 1968.   While at Knox College he studied  art under Isaac Peterson and discovered some of the many uses of acrylics in painting.  In the early 70's with his wife and young son,  he owned and operated a gallery in Wilmington, Illinois under the name of " The Holding Company."  In the early 80's he worked at Masters Art Gallery for Val Ramonis. After the death of his wife in the early 90's he started on a journey that led him to Rome in 1999 and then Paris and Lourdes in 2000.  Currently retired from the chemical distribution industry and a 30 year career in real estate, he is working on another book and more paintings in the "Meditation Series,"  and also continuing works on the "Lives of the Saints."  He now paints and writes in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  His book, "The Meditation Circle,"  is available under Kindle Amazon  Some of his other artwork and prints are available at BluemoonHoldingCompanyLLC , Pixels and FineArtAmerica  Some of his latest works can be seen at the SedonaArtistMarket.  He is best known for Op and Minimalist Art.